Here are some simple steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  1. Find the URL ( located on your tag and enter that into any browser, or alternatively, insert your Tag ID into our website.
    1. If our service responds to you then you have an active internet connection, our service is fully operational and your tag is live.
    2. If you cannot reach our website, you have no active internet connection. Fix this and try again.
  2. If you can contact the service and things work in browser, but when you tap the tag with a phone it doesn’t activate, the issues are usually related to the device and its settings.
    1. Check your phone is NFC capable (contains a reader). The manufacturer’s website should tell you if you’re not sure.
    2. Ensure that NFC is actually turned on inside the device ‘Settings’ or software.
    3. Let the device and tag touch each other just to ensure distance isn’t the issue – NFC requires a tap or very close proximity (a few millimetres) to work.
    4. Ensure you didn’t stick the tag to something that’s causing interference. We have placed shielding in our tags to help with this, but it’s a known and common issue that things like metal and carbon fibre (both of which are radio conductive) can cause your phones NFC reader to play up.
  3. If you can contact the service, tap the sticker but you’re not receiving the response after a short wait, check your devices internet connection speed. We have seen ‘1 bar of phone signal’ equate to mean anything from zero service to high-speed broadband speeds. It might be that you’ve got an intermittent connection, in which case move location or switch to WiFi. If this isn’t the issue, please contact Support - our service is very simple, very stable and generally if it works for one, it works for all. It is rare that we find a unique situation or bug as things are usually fixable, but it can’t be ruled out!