Great question. It’s not always easy to tell which provider has the best option either. Having tried all the others and made our own, here’s our opinion on it:

  1. Having been benchmarked, it is clear we offer a broader and more customisable service.
  2. Our service doesn’t require people to download apps or read a QR code. Could you do that within seconds of this moment if a life depended on it? Most people wouldn’t know how or be able to think clearly to do so.
  3. We built everything from scratch and to spec. This isn’t a service or product made by splicing together bits of generic technologies and some of the shelf parts.
  4. Our tags are custom developed to overcome some very common issues. They are also designed to survive real-world use. Many competitors tags aren’t even waterproof.
  5. Our tags contain the latest generation NFC chips. Being mobile nerds, we chose the most widely distributed and adopted tech platform, not the easiest (yeah, we’re looking at you, QR code providers).
  6. We are a well funded and stable business that is using serious tech and solutions to provide our service. If we go down, Microsoft probably did too. If we are compromised, your banks probably are too. This isn’t a hobby, we are not doing this evenings and weekends; you’d be surprised how many providers are (we know, we investigated it.)
  7. We are growing. We are committed to growing awareness of our brand. We are constantly developing and improving our service. And we are expanding our range of tags. There are benefits to having multiple tags all supported under one brand, not including the loyalty discount we provide to existing customers.