Yes and no. We actively engage with emergency services in many locations to ensure they ae aware of us. We’ve also consulted with the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services to understand what they look for - and - where they look for it, whenever they attend an incident. 

Our tags are readable / usable by almost anyone and with almost any device.

We have consulted and tested with emergency services, so we’re confident we have gone about things in the right way.

It’s our experience that no single emergency service will agree to using a single product or support a particular platform – this is mainly for training and legal reasons. However, we can assure you that we have done everything to ensure they’ll see us, and know what to do.

We are also actively spreading the word and working hard to establish a standard. Some services have been brilliant and engaged, while others are somewhat behind. If you can help us spread the word, that’s brilliant - please do get in touch at