Zapsta’s tags do not contain GPS information, we can’t track them nor do we secretly watch where you go!

However, we can use the GPS data from your device to help pinpoint locations when tags are tapped. We do this on things like our SOS service as this helps the public or first responders inform the emergency services of the exact location. Many riders also use this to establish where they are - and - to help find the nearest rest, café or fuel too.

To address some common concerns or questions relating to tracking:

  1. We do not store logs of where you go and what you do.
  2. We cannot monitor your speed (or tell if you’ve been sneaking home early).
  3. We never sell your details such as location data to others.
  4. The only time we get GPS data is if your device has been allowed to send this information to us. We will then ping back a map and the nearest location data to help you in that moment