When we designed Zapsta, we didn’t want to create another ‘me to’ product, or to accept other people’s compromises.

We appreciate apps are a big market and a great way to make additional revenue from customers. So our mission was to design a simple service that works anywhere, on anything and to help our customers. We chose to deploy our web app because:

  1. It’s free to everyone.
  2. It doesn’t matter what device you use, anything with a browser will work, regardless of its operating system or whether it’s up–to-date.
  3. Our service only works if you’re connected. An app can give you the impression you’re connected when there’s no signal (because everything’s stored locally on your device). We wanted to avoid that as it could cause a serious problem in an emergency.
  4. Using a web-app means you never have to wait for large downloads to be processed, or experience delays in using our service or your tags. This is really important for features like our SOS service, because you don’t want a passer by or paramedic having to download 1 to 2 apps and figure it all out before saving your life!
  5. By working this way it means we never use any storage on your devices – leaving more room for the things that are important to you.
  6. We don’t have to take on the huge costs of app development, testing, servicing and listings. This means our service and products are offered at the best possible price for you - something customers told us was important to them.