Zapsta is a web-based service, our tags rely on some connectivity to do what they do. We did design things to work with mobile and to use tiny amounts of data. This means any connection should work and you don’t even need high-speeds - even a slow 2.5G mobile signal should work.

Because our tags leave it to your device to select the best connection available, we don’t control this element, so we can’t influence it either. If you don’t have a mobile signal or data allowance, the service works just as well via WiFi or a satellite phone - but you’ll need some form of internet connection.

Having worked around mobile for years, a few tips to help your boost signal include:

  • Turning on all the networks your device can browse.
  • Removing any cases on your device as they may limit its signal range.
  • Move towards and stay close to any windows or higher ground (walls, metal and concrete can block mobile signals).
  • Never stand under powerlines.