Our tags use an “always on” technology and require no power, so unless it’s damaged or there’s strong radio interference, the tags are proven to be very reliable and super consistent. That said, nothing is perfect and everyone uses a different device and configuration, so sometimes new issues can appear.

Typically, when we’ve encountered issues, we have found the cause to be:

  1. A damaged sticker through use and has genuinely stopped functioning. In this case, it simply needs replacing as repairs aren’t an option.
  2. The phone has NFC turned off, or isn’t NFC friendly. So do check your settings and try triggering your tag through our website.
  3. The sticker has been applied to a carbon fibre, or metal surface (both are conductive surfaces) and this has caused radio interference. Our tags are uniquely constructed with internal shielding to handle this problem, but sometimes it won’t overcome the issue.

A user has deactivated the sticker using the web-app. This means our server has been instructed not to respond when your tag pings it. To troubleshoot this is a problem, trigger your Tag ID using our website (see the box as the top of the homepage). If that triggers your tag then the service is up and your tag is registered correctly, in which case it’s the tag or application that is causing the problem.

In some cases, tags can be very carefully removed – although they are not designed to be removed and reaffixed. In this case, you might find removing it from the item it is stuck to changes things. If it is genuinely dead, please do talk to us about that.