Our help and support is 100 per cent online. Just follow the navigation on the site. We recommend you:

  1. Read the FAQ’s first. If that doesn’t give you the instant answer then…
  2. Complete the Support desk contact form to raise a ticket. We’ll respond within 72 hours – support is free for all registered users with live products.
  3. If you want to talk to us about something other than our products, there are links for corporate and partner enquiries on the Contact page.

We debated support for quite a while, as there’s nothing like talking to a human, but providing humans on the end of phones really does increase costs. Given the simplicity of our products and user feedback, most customers told us they preferred ‘self help’ - finding our FAQ’s covered the usual needs. The benefit of online support is that it does allow us to keep our product price super low. We hope we’ve made the right choice, however if you think we need to hear otherwise, do drop us a message via the Contact page.