We use Microsoft’s Azure platform to host and secure your data and ours. This is one of the leading solutions and has been vetted and trusted by brands such as KPMG, GE Healthcare, £M, Xerox, and millions of retailers, sites and services.

Nobody can guarantee 100 per cent security and stability, there’s always a chance any service can let you down. We evaluated the leading hosting partners to find the solution that gave us the greatest confidence that both our service and your data would be reliable - and - safe. The final two choices were Amazon and Microsoft, both heavily in use by consumer brands and they are reliable and trusted. We felt Microsoft represented the best solution and value for our customers, and that’s the deciding factor for us…what is best for you.

We keep your data behind an active directory authentication server. This means your data is encrypted by two different companies. Only a Company Director of Zapsta or one of the lead database engineers can access data stored with us, and all this requires multiple complex access keys, plus multiple permissions and all activity is logged. We use our service too, so we always share the same interest as our customers do. If you think we can do more, please do tell us as we’re genuinely interested to hear about that.

Click here to read Microsoft’s trust statement and promises to us and you