Online fraud is a big problem for us all these days. There are some nasty people out there pretending to be banks, services or brands in order to get people to share their personal details. To help you spot if anyone’s “up to no good”, here’s what we don’t do:

  • We never send you an email with any of your personal details contained within it, nor ask you to email personal information back.
  • We will never send you an SMS / Text asking you to send data to us.
  • When you login, always look for the HTTPS and the Padlock icon in your browser. We only use secure channels but your device might not choose to send data via these channels.
  • Our service team are UK based. Be wary of any international numbers or addresses claiming to be from Zapsta.
  • If we ever have to speak online or chat, we will verify who you are by asking you questions that match certain details we have stored on our system. Our service team can only see fragments of your data, so they can’t copy it and must ask specific details.
  • If your answers don’t match our stored data, we will not continue in case it’s not really you.
  • If your answers match, but you want to check that we’re really from Zapsta, simply ask us to tell you the name or Tag ID of one of your tags.